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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Cayman Islanders & and Mangrove Rangers produce Mangrove Videos for Young and Old

 The community of adults and youth in Cayman Islands has come together recently to release a series of educational videos. Each is geared towards presenting information about mangrove restoration in a light, educational way. 

From children's stories to raising a cold beer that supports mangrove conservation efforts, Cayman Islanders are helping the world find new ways to celebrate the biodiversity in their back Yard. MAP's education Director, Martin Keeley has been busy recently helping groups participate in clean-ups and better understand the importance of tropical forests in their own back yard. And the videos do more than educate. They are fun, affirming snippets of the lives of many environmentally conscious citizens of these Caribbean islands. 

We invite you to watch these short films and share them with your family and friends. The future of our planet just may rely on it!

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