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Saturday, June 19, 2021

MAP News Issue #523 - June 19, 2021

Mangrove Action Project
The MAP News
523rd Edition                                                  June 19, 2021

7th annual Mangrove Photography Awards under way

USA - Mangrove Action Project is proud to be a Supporting Partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration – a global, collaborative effort to ‘halt the degradation of ecosystems, and restore them to achieve global goals. Mangrove Action Project is hosting its 7th annual Mangrove Photography Awards, which gives us a fascinating insight into the world of mangroves from all corners of the earth. The awards offer a chance for photographers, both amateur and professional, to raise their voices for the protection of one of our most critical and undervalued ecosystems. The aim is to illustrate the importance and diversity of life in our coastal forests, engage audiences in mangrove issues and stories, whilst inspiring people to take conservation action. Join MAP as we celebrate both the launch of the UN Decade of Restoration and the 7th annual Mangrove Photography Awards. PHOTO SUBMISSIONS NOW OPEN! CLICK HERE


Does carbon offsetting work? Only if you get it right.
GLOBAL - Most of us are taking part in the destruction of our planet. Despite the reusable coffee cups and recycling bins, we produce climate-heating CO₂ every day. And we produce more than our due share. It makes sense, then, to offset the emissions we fail to avoid. To compensate them by paying someone to remove the amount of carbon we released, and thereby take our footprint off the planet. Businesses, in particular, have adopted this logic, and use offsetting to market themselves as “carbon neutral”. The carbon offset market has obvious benefits. Emitters pay for carbon credits, creating an incentive for others to find efficient ways to remove CO₂, or to prevent its release. These people, in turn, get paid for doing good. But behind the obvious benefits, lurk not-so-obvious dangers. READ MORE


5,000 Hectares of Mangrove Forest to Be Restored
MOZAMBIQUE - The Mozambican government intends to restore mangrove forests over an area of 5,000 hectares across the country, by 2022, according to the national director of maritime and fishery policy, Felismina Antia. She was speaking on a Radio Mozambique programme on World Oceans Day, celebrated this year under the theme "Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean". The mangrove forests have been devastated over decades by the logging of mangrove trees largely for construction purposes. This leaves coastlines exposed to erosion, and damages fisheries production, since mangroves often serve as a nursery for juvenile fish and larval shellfish. Antia said that, under the implementation of its sustainable development policies, the government was committed to restoring damaged areas of mangrove forest. READ MORE


South Florida teen planting the seeds of life with mangrove nonprofit
USA - FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Jonah Basi may be 16 years old and a junior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School, but he’s got a big vision for what he wants South Florida to look like in the future. “I want to see huge green mangroves all along the seawalls that I know are contributing to that cleaner water,” he says. “A blue waterway that’s reflecting the sky and not reflecting the toxins and everything that’s in it. And a waterway that’s not filled with trash.” And he’s not waiting for anyone else to do it. Basi, who founded the nonprofit MangroLife, is getting his hands dirty and being the change he wants to see in the world. “This is the most important fight there is for me,” he says. “This is the topic of my college application essays. This is all I talk about.” Heartbroken to see the constant garbage and pollution clogging the Fort Lauderdale waterway behind his family’s new home, he decided to do something about it — not just collecting trash, but seeds of life. READ MORE

If Jamaica wants more tourists, do more mangrove trees have to go?
JAMAICA - On the coast of Jamaica, developers are building a $550 million resort, which they say will create 3,500 jobs. They have also promised to replant the mangroves, seagrass, and coral they will displace – but critics worry it won’t be enough to preserve the local ecosystem. Across the Caribbean, one of the world’s most tourism-dependent regions, states are struggling to balance protecting the environment and stoking their economies, said Mark Bynoe, assistant executive director of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC). “Governments are often caught in a position of wanting to do what is right, but the rest of the population is agitating to see changes and those are often measured in very discrete terms,” including in jobs and poverty rates, he said. The new more than 2,000-room resort will be one of the largest in Jamaica, according to Spanish developer Princess Hotels and Resorts, which started preparatory work on the project two years ago. READ MORE


Mangrove plantation drives to protect Jharkhali from cyclones
INDIA - When cyclone Yaas hit on May 26, it inundated several coastal villages in the Sundarbans region in West Bengal. Jharkhali, a low-lying village in South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, however, did not face a strong impact. The storm neither breached the river embankment nor rendered the residents here homeless, as it did elsewhere. Surrounded by three sides with rivers Matla, Bidyadhari and Herobhanga, the region is cyclone prone and the villagers have previously witnessed cyclones including Aila (May 2009), Fani (May 2019), Bulbul (November 2019), Amphan (May 2020), before Yaas in May 2021. The protection from Yaas can, in part, be credited to the mangrove saplings that the villagers of Jharkhali have grown at the embankment, meant as a coping mechanism against cyclones and tidal waves. Around 300,000 mangrove saplings have been planted here since 2017. READ MORE

What are these 'white flowers' in the mangrove forest?
CHINA - Many visitors to the Mangrove Nature Reserve in south China's Shenzhen City would notice some tinny white things spread on the path, leaves and ground. They look like fallen flowers but if one stares at them, one can observe that they can actually move. These white creatures are not flowers or elves in the forest, but the final instar nymphs of Ricania speculum. Ricania speculum, also called black planthopper, is considered a major agricultural pest. The adult planthoppers have dark wings, they can just fly on your shoulder if you walk in the bush and disturb their "napping time." The insects have ravaged mangrove forests in Shenzhen in the past. They gather in clusters on twigs and branches and feed on sap. To protect the unique ecosystem of the mangroves, Shenzhen is working on a better way to control the species. READ MORE

Turtle Sanctuary at Kalba Mangrove Reserve houses facilities in modular pods
INDIA - The wildlife at Kalba Mangrove Reserve ranges from migratory seabirds and endangered turtles to stingrays and gazelles, though all of them are feeling substantially more protected thanks to the new Khor Kalba Turtle and Wildlife Sanctuary. Recently completed in 2021, the sanctuary was commissioned by Sharjah’s Environmental Protected Areas Authority and brought to life by Hopkins Architects. It will be dedicated to rehabilitating and nursing endangered wildlife from the area. The site will also provide educational opportunities and environmental awareness to its visitors and will allow scientists to conduct important research and monitor Kalba Conservation Reserve’s natural resources. READ MORE

Martell supports mangrove conservation
CHINA - World-renowned cognac brand Martell officially announces its first-ever sustainability and responsibility project in China on June 5 - the World Environment Day, committing to a long-term goal of conserving mangrove forests and protecting biodiversity including swifts - the emblem of the Maison. Mangrove forests are important shelters for birds including swifts and many endangered species, as they rely on mangroves for food sources and migration for the winter. Martell will contribute to the improvement of the natural environment in China, providing more ideal habitats for these birds. The initiative is also a crucial step in raising awareness for mangrove conservation and will be supported by consumers and the general public alongside Martell China brand ambassador Chen Kun, who is always passionate about public service. READ MORE

Rising trend of sea surges: Experts call for restoration of mangroves
INDIA - Marine experts have warned that coastal areas in Kerala will witness an increasing trend of sea surges in the coming years, thanks to rise in sea surface temperature. They were speaking at a webinar organised by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute on Saturday as part of observing the World Environment Day. Voicing concern over the calamities faced by the coastal community due to high waves and sea erosion, the webinar called for restoration of coastal vegetation giving emphasis to mangrove forestation, which according to the experts act as bio-shield to coastal belt in protecting the lives of residents in the region. Kerala’s coastal region could be protected from the wrath of the sea to a great extent through restoration of mangroves and other biodiversity in the region, said CMFRI Director A Gopalakrishnan. READ MORE


Fostering political ambition for the protection of mangrove ecosystems
GERMANY - Mangroves are salt-tolerant coastal forests that have uniquely adapted to growing at the border between sea and land and they are one of Earth’s most resilient, productive, and biodiverse ecosystems. They provide habitat and nursery grounds for mammals, reptiles, birds, crab and shrimp species as well as more than 3000 fish species, of which many are commercially important. Through their ability to trap and stabilize sediments, mangroves increase water quality seawards, which benefits other highly diverse marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs and seagrass meadows. Most importantly though, they are also critical for the livelihood of about 120 Million people, who depend on them for food, raw material, and coastal protection. Without mangroves, many coastal communities that live off fishing in mangrove forests and surrounding waters would lose an important source of food and income. READ MORE


Fujians agree on Sustainable Management of their Mangrove Resources
Fiji Tribes
FIJI - Eight traditional leaders agreed to establish and endorse their traditional networks of MPAs with management rules, to establish a Qoliqoli trust fund with a deed of trust, and nominated representatives from each tribe as part of the process for establishing the trust. Some fisheries management rules were also discussed and agreed to, during the collaboration and these included phasing out all night diving fishing activities, putting a cap on the number of commercial fishing licenses issued, banning of SCUBA fishing, and dynamite fishing, to name a few. The leaders agreed to use the ridge to reef and ecosystem based management approach to help sustainably manage their marine resources including reforestation of their mangroves and degraded forest areas, sustainable agriculture, and banning the use of fire to clear land for planting. READ MORE


From: Dinara Perera <>
Subject: Invitation to Participate in Cayman Mangrove Festival

Good afternoon

In honour of World Environment Day, the Cayman Islands Mangrove Rangers invite young artists to participate in an art show and festival in honour of World Mangrove Week on 24 July at Parcel 110 in George Town Primary, secondary and university students are encouraged to submit artwork of any genre on the environmental, cultural and/or economic value of Cayman’s mangrove habitat. Possible submission formats include visual arts such as painting or sculpture, fashion, photography, music or performance. Participants should confirm interest in submitting their art by contacting the Mangrove Rangers by 18 June.
To express interest in participating in the Cayman Mangrove Festival, email, contact 925-8339 via WhatsApp or fill out the following form:
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
The Cayman Islands Mangrove Rangers


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MAP in the Launch of the
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Join MAP as we celebrate both the launch of the UN Decade of Restoration and the 7th annual Mangrove Photography Awards. PHOTO SUBMISSIONS NOW OPEN! CLICK HERE


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