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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Children’s Mangrove Calendar Art Contest 2021

 Dear Friend of the Mangroves,  

Mangrove Action Project (MAP) would like to invite children from your country to join in this  creative and educational art competition. It is an opportunity for the younger generation to learn  about the vital role Mangroves play in the lives of coastal communities and marine life around  the world while letting them explore their imagination and have fun when creating their art  pieces. 

This year’s competition will be our 20th annual art contest, and is a wonderful way for  participating NGOs to build relationships with teachers and to develop children’s understanding  when thinking about the environment around them. Education about the importance of Mangrove  and Coastal ecosystems is critical when affecting long-term change; they are the next generation  of decision makers and we have the chance to teach them the value of the natural world, giving  them a life-long appreciation and respect for their environment.  

As always, the selected winning artworks will be published in next year’s calendar (2022), which  will help to raise awareness of mangrove forests whilst encouraging and listening to the  imaginative voices of the next generation. All students will be eligible to receive a printable e certificate of participation. Winners, including their participating NGOs and schools, will receive  copies of the final calendar, and the winning students will receive a signed official certificate  showing their great achievement in this year’s Children’s Mangrove Art Contest. As well the art  will be exhibited in MAP’s virtual gallery. 

Please do pass on information about this competition to your local schools, teachers, home  schooling groups, youth groups and families. If you do need further ideas of how you or your  schools can take part, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at: And most importantly, we want you all to stay safe and  follow social distancing rules while taking part this year!  

We look forward to seeing all of your fantastic, colorful artwork!  

Yours sincerely,     

Monica Gutierrez-Quarto 

Contest Project Coordinator

Children’s Mangrove Calendar Art Contest 

Guidelines for Art Submissions  

The theme of this year’s competition, which is now open to children in all nations, is “Why Mangroves are important to the mangrove communities and the world” 

Please read the following carefully as any artworks not following the guidelines will unfortunately, not be accepted. If you have any questions regarding the competition or artwork  guidelines. Please contact Monica at 

Contest Deadline : July 31, 2021 

Technique: We would like lots of COLORFUL work please; no black and white! Paint, color pencil, ink, collage, pastel, crayons, etc. are all accepted. This can be on canvas or paper. 

Dimensions: A3 paper (42cm x30 cm or 18in x12 in) 

Format: LANDSCAPE: this means the artwork should have the longer length across and the shorter  length up to down 

Age Limit: From 6-16 years old 

One submission per artist 

Digital Submission: Entries to this year’s competition will be in digital format. This means that you must  be able to scan or take a front on photograph which meets the following technical criteria. The artwork  should be scanned or a photo taken at minimum 300 dpi at a minimum resolution of 3,712 x 2,784, as a  

jpg file. The submitted files need to be named using the name of the student. For example, Xiu Ying is  sending a photo that should be named Xiu Ying/MAP Art Contest 2021 

Awards : Winners will receive a calendar and hard copy certificate for achievement and art will be  featured in our online virtual gallery . All participants will receive an e-printable participatory certificate to complete with participant name. 

Artist Identification: When submitting please include the following details either as a separate word  document file, or in the email. In English: the full name and age of the artist, 

the school’s name, address, city or town, country and tittle of artwork. 

Files must be sent to us via WeTransfer. ( Please send submissions to

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