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MAP celebrates 25 years of Mangrove Action with Mangrove Action Day, July 26, 2017

    Mangrove Action Project is proud to celebrate 25 years of working to expand the awareness of mangrove forests and the people who depend upon them. Twenty-five years ago, raising the public awareness on mangroves and roles they play in fisheries, human safety, carbon-storage, coral reel protection, migratory bird habitat, and myriads of other benefits and value, seemed nearly insurmountable. Forests were being decimated, and destructive forces seemed unwilling to listen to the small voices of communities and NGO who cried out against it.

    However, here we are in 2017, celebrating Mangrove Action Day which has been recognized by the United Nations and endorsed by countless communities and organizations, both public and private around the globe. We here at MAP are pleased to join in for the Mangrove Action Day July 26, 2017 activities. It is now apparent that the entire world has joined us in recognizing the role these vital forest ecosystems play in human life as well as the planet's life. However, there is still much to be done. Coal fired power plants, dams, overfishing, coastal development and yes, still, unsustainable shrimp farming continue to destroy countless hectares of forest annually. 

    As you remember Mangrove Action Day today, we encourage you to use your small voice to continue to work towards a healthier future; for the planet and for our children.

MAP-Asia organized 2 special events to commemorate International Mangrove Action Day, 26 July, 2017

EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOP On 11th July, an environmental education activity was held at Ban Bang Kang Khao School in Trang, Thailand where the students learned all about the mangrove ecosystem from MAP facilitator, Udom Pariwatpan (Em), and then all 20 students went to visit the nearby community Community-based Ecological Mangrove Restoration (CBEMR) site to identify mangrove plant and animal species.   Students also learned how to do transect monitoring, putting their species ID skills to the test.  The school principal, Ms.Wimala Thongnoo, has been a keen supporter of MAP’s EE activities at the school over the past 5 years under the Global Nature Fund, Dailmer AG and the Body Shop Foundation donors.

ART CONTEST MAP staff, Jim, Ning and Em organized a mangrove art contest on 26th July at Tasanook School in Phang Nga province.  It’s expected that 30 children will join in the event which will be followed by a trip to the MAP supported mangrove interpretative natural trail completed in 2016 under the Dailmer AG  project.  The winning art pieces will sent to MAP’s headquarters is the USA to be entered onto the annual mangrove art contest with the final 12 winning art pieces, obtaining a month in the 2018 MAP Mangrove Art Calendar.

Marvelous Mangroves Curriculum Workshop in Surinam

Led by MAP’s education director, Martin Keeley, and CORE’s director Loes Trustfull, participants spent of their time learning how to deliver simple and practical hands-on activities to their students and communities which give students a basic understanding of the science behind mangrove ecology. The activities were selected from MAP’s Marvellous Mangroves of Suriname, a 350-page teachers curriculum-based resource guide developed initially by Mr. Keeley for the Cayman Islands, which has been adapted and translated for use in thirteen countries worldwide. “Each of the hands-on activities uses simple items found in every household which cost little – if any – money. This makes it easier for teachers to use the materials when demonstrating to students basic scientific and ecological principles,” explains Mr. Keeley. “The theory behind the activities is explained in easy-to-teach terms, and the curriculum contains many illustrations that reinforce both theory and hands-on activities.”

Mangrove Action Day Walk - Seattle Washington, USA

MAP'S Seattle office hosted a Mangrove Action Day event in Seattle at the Arboretum with both Sara Lavenhar and Alfredo Quarto presenting. The event was open to the public. Please see the event flyer and the link to the event page: Photo Contest

For the third year in a row, we are also holding our photo contestraising awareness of the connections people have with mangrove forests by creating a global photography exhibition. photos were part of a special exhibition that will help spread the importance of mangroves. At the event in Seattle, viewers had the chance to view incredible photos from years prior, and vote for their favorites to determine the winner! 

2018 Children's Art Calendar

We invite all primary school children from tropical and sub-tropical nations, and whose schools are located near mangroves, to create art telling us “why mangroves are important to my community and me?”Selected winners will be published in the 2018 calendar to be distributed internationally to raise awareness of mangrove forest ecology. This colorful calendar has increased in popularity since its first publication in 2002. The 2018 calendar is our 16th edition. We would like to invite children from your country to join in this fantastic creative and educational competition. It is an opportunity for the younger generation to learn about the vital role Mangroves play in the lives of coastal communities and marine life around the world whilst letting them explore their imagination and have fun when creating their pieces of art. This contest aims to promote appreciation and awareness of mangrove forests and communities, while encouraging and listening to creative voices of children living in mangrove regions.

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