Thursday, August 14, 2014

Community doubts Plans Aim for Adequate Protection for Mangroves

EL SALVADORE - A future tourist investment to be made in the mangrove area located in Jiquilisco, Usulutan, does not necessarily mean joy for the members of the 24 families of La Tirana community in the Bajo Lempa. 

Nahum Adam Diaz, leader of the Association of Communities of Mangrove Bay Jiquilisco said they are concerned about the supposed "privatization of access to the sea." "It's a big problem for us because some ask mangrove grant, which for us is the anchor that gives life to all who surround him," said Diaz. 

"Since 2007 we have protected this forest, we have provided handling and feel like owners, and I think we have the right to be considered," said the leader.

Eduardo Murcia, another leader in the community La Tirana, also expressed in the same line, requesting the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) that will not be detrimental to the sustainability of mangrove forest that gives them food.

To date we have announced intentions to develop some tourist Jiquilisco Bay, supported by the resources that would be obtained with the Millennium Fund, which disbursed $ 277 million is not defined yet.

On a visit to the La Tirana and surroundings, Jose Acosta, representing the Voices organization de la Frontera, explained that there are large government aspirations in the field of tourism, but will not be looking at all the environmental impact that would have on the communities.

Indeed, a delegation of senators and businessmen recently reached the bay, accompanied by officials to know the potential.

According to Acosta, the Government's plans do not make clear the issue of water as it is not set on where they will work for companies.

"Jiquilisco Bay is rich in resources, with 55 miles of beach attractions for foreign tourists, who are the bet. There is a debate that includes communities and it is important to generate the potential benefits and impacts that projects can bring, "said the representative of Voces de la Frontera.

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