Friday, March 28, 2014

Mangrove Action Project-2015 Children’s Art Calendar Competition

 Mangrove Action Project wants you to join us as we celebrate our upcoming 22nd Anniversary of MAP’s ongoing efforts to conserve and restore the world’s mangrove forest wetlands.

 Again, this year we commemorate those efforts via our inspiring children’s art in MAP’s 14th annual Children’s Mangrove Art Contest for the 2015 Calendar year. Let us all use this next calendar competition as an inspiration for both students and teachers to “set the date” to conserve and restore our planet’s mangroves, and thus combat declining wild fisheries, coastal erosion and climate change. Mangroves are one of our planet’s best defenses against global warming and rising sea levels! 

 Annually, MAP invites teachers and their students from around the globe to participate in an international art contest. They learn through their participation about the incredible beauty and biodiversity of the mangroves and the students’ attempts to depict through their art what they have experienced on field trips to mangroves and in classroom studies. 

 Children from 13 nations entered our contest last year by answering a simple, but intriguing question: “What do the mangroves mean to my community and myself?” As usual, it was difficult to choose from among the beautifully crafted works of children’s art. Around 2500 children participated from a multitude of schools located in 13 mangrove nations. 

 Through the publication and distribution of these beautiful calendars, MAP recognizes the great accomplishments of these young artists. We wish to thank each child, their teachers and the associate non-governmental organizations that participated and promoted the project in schools during 2014. Their good work and dedicated efforts have helped produce yet another attractive calendar for yet another Mangrove Year! 

Thank You For Your Past Support!  Please Join Us Again For Our 2015 Calendar Competition! 

For the Mangroves And the Mangrove Communities!

Alfredo Quarto, Executive Director 
Mangrove Action Project

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