Friday, July 19, 2013

Volunteers needed in Gambia

Volunteers needed in Environmental Protection and Development. Please read below, and pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.

Description: The GEPADG is a non profit NGO based in Gunjur in Gambia who have many years of experience in working with international volunteers. They work to achieve long-term, sustainable solutions to poverty in The Gambia through reversing the current destruction of forests, mangroves and coastal ecosystems.

They are always working on different projects and volunteers can choose which area they are most interested in. Areas include: turtle monitoring; tree planting exercises; mangrove regeneration; environmental health and sanitation; village general cleansing; beach sweeping; workshops/conferences; beekeeping; vegetable gardening; community forestry scheme; bird watching and bush walk/patrolling, Eco tourism activities and tourist guided tours within the nature reserve this normally happens between October and November each year and tree planting exercises is between June and August . Turtle monitoring is between June and November each year .

Organisation: The Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group
Address: PO Box 21, Banjul, The Gambia West Africa
Project Location:Gunjur Kombo South District,West Coast Region, The Gambia,West Africa
Contact: Mr Badara N Bajo
Phone: +220 8800986 or mobile +220 9955063
Fax: +220 4486026
Languages: English
Who can volunteer? Adults of both sexes 17+
Commitment: 1 week minimum
Starting from August,2013
Cost: There are 3 different types of accommodation on offer. They are all in
a Gambian house only some are more westernized than others (i.e. modern
toilets, electricity) and some without electricity.Stay with local families.The cost is from £50 to £150 per month including
food,or $100 dollar a week and 100 Euro per week depending on the accommodation type

Kind regards;

Mr,Badara N Bajo
Executive director
P O Box 21
Banjul the  Gambia
West Africa          development-group.html

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