Thursday, April 25, 2013

Help Protect Mexico's Mangroves

Dear Friends, 

       Please help RedManglar Mexico put pressure on the Mexican government to protect the mangroves now threatened by development. Please join us in signing this Avaaz petition:

 Here is a Google translation of the Spanish written petition:
       The H. Congress of Mexico must not give in to pressure from the private sector to adapt to their interests the legal framework for the mangrove ecosystem. The Wildlife Act prohibits so far the change in land use in mangrove areas. This arrangement has been established with a broad academic and social support, to the rapid loss of mangroves that has led to a status of threatened species. Entrepreneurs pretexts that this provision has slowed the development and investment. Allow changing land use in mangrove development does not generate the high social and environmental cost of its destruction, not replaceable by the magnitude and complexity of its functions .
       Facing climate change and the current Mexican government's efforts to fight hunger, preserve our mangroves should be a matter of national security and food sovereignty non-negotiable.
       Why is it important
       Between 1976 and 2000, Mexico lost between 20 and 25% of the mangrove area, according to official data (National Institute of Ecology, 2005), at a rate of 1%. Mangroves are highly productive ecosystems of which depends on the food chain of fish species and shellfish with high economic and social value, among other environmental features are also home to a rich biodiversity of species of conservation concern, are important reserves water and protecting the coastline against storms and hurricanes, are important reservoirs of gases that contribute to climate change and represent the way of life, territory and culture of hundreds of human communities on the Pacific coast and Atlantic. The main causes of mangrove loss in our country are the sprawl of urban centers and tourist industrial aquaculture and construction of infrastructure such as dams, roads and ports.

       Red Mangrove In Mexico we have as purpose the defense and participatory management of mangrove ecosystems, coastal marine and island ensuring its vitality and populations living in relationship with them, facing threats and impacts of human activities or works and likely to degrade the natural environment, altering the natural ecological balance and / or violate the human rights of local communities.
       To know more
      Note in signing the petition, the information needed is translated as follows:
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