Friday, March 29, 2013


Urgent Action Alert: Please copy and paste the following fetter to send to the ministers in Bimini Island asking them to
"Save Bimini Island from Destructive Development:"

To the Hon. Kenred Dorsett (Minister of the Environment), 
The Hon. Obie Wilchcombe (Minister of Tourism, and Member of Parliament for Bimini), 
and The Hon. V. Alfred Gray (Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, 

Dear Sirs, 
Like all of the Bahamas, the islands of Bimini are intrinsically defined by the water that surrounds them. Not only has the water shaped and molded the islands themselves, but it has also defined the experience of those that visit these islands, as well as those that call the Bahamas their home. For everyone that loves little Bimini, their affection for its stunning blue water is at the base of their affinity for these precious 'Islands in the Stream.' 
Bimini's impressive tourism industry has always revolved around the water. Big game fishing, SCUBA diving, boating, sailing, bone fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and a variety of wildlife encounters all contribute to the island's flourishing eco-tourism industry. 
In order to preserve this industry, and improve upon it going forward, I call on you to act strongly and swiftly regarding two important proposals. 
First, I urge you to finalize the full protections for the North Bimini Marine Reserve. Bimini's inshore ecosystems are the foundation for the entire Tourism Industry on the island, and every individual and business will benefit from this Reserve being formally protected. 
Second, I plead with you to ensure that the absurdly ill-conceived idea of creating a cruise ship terminal on Bimini's western shore never becomes a reality. The damage that this would have on Bimini's coral reefs would be catastrophic, and that would only be the beginning. The dredging and damage required for such a project could permanently deteriorate the very thing that everyone loves most about Bimini, the amazing blue waters. 
Bimini's tourism industry has been growing in recent years, while other islands in the Bahamas have not had the same good fortune. Please keep in mind that everyone who has ever come to Bimini came for what the island already offers; Extraordinarily blue water, exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches, thriving fisheries, vibrant coral reefs, friendly locals, and an escape for the generic, over-developed landscape found elsewhere in the region. 
Protecting and improving upon Bimini's ecological health and beauty is truly in the best interests of the island's economy, its people, and all those who cherish their time there. 
Please help us ensure a bright, blue future for Bimini. 
Respectfully yours,


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