Thursday, January 17, 2013

750,000 mangroves

Recently, we posted an article in our newsletter (MAP News #305) regarding an attempt to break a record by planting mangrove trees in India. MAP's Executive Director had this comment

" Increasing salinity in the Indus Delta is not conducive to successful plantations of rhizophora. Yet, there is continued attempts to do just that as seen in the article below. There needs to be a better approach than mass one day plantings....more emphasis on quality rather than quantity. We at MAP are promoting the Ecological Mangrove Restoration approach for this reason."

Here's the original story as it appeared in our newsletter 

0.75m mangroves to be planted on Indus delta
PAKISTAN - Pakistan is all set to break the record of India by planting 750,000 mangroves just in one day light in coming March 2013 on coastline area and Indus river delta that will pave the way for registration of the country with the Guinness World Record (GWR). India had made a record in 2010 by planting 550,000 mangroves compared with Pakistan’s plantation of around 545,000 in 2009. “Now, the Forest Department Sindh is planning to ensure mangrove plantation in the range of 750,000 in coming March 2013,” Divisional Forest Officer Sindh Arif Ali Kokhar told The News the other day. Under the rules of the GWR, only 300 workers will be allowed to plantation during light hours of one day. In India, Navy authorities assisted them for plantation, but in Pakistan only volunteers, social workers and employees of the forest department will accomplish this task during daylight hours of any specific date in March 2013. READ MORE


  1. Very good development and example worth emulating around the globe

  2. really great achievement Sindh Coastal Community Development Project under mangrove plantation by the Sindh Forest Department with the help of the local communities that have been mobilized by National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) and trained by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).