Saturday, August 6, 2016

MAP-Asia: Sweet Connections

Sean (Right) dressed to protect against stings
By Maria Savage, MAP-Asia Intern. Photos by Jon Baines 

IUCN Thailand has brought the Marriott Hotel chain Thailand, and Mangrove Action Project together to work on mangrove planting projects in 2015.The Marriott Hotel relies on MAP’s knowledge for successful planning of their restoration sites. On July 11th, 2016 a new partnership opportunity arose when Mr. Sean Panton, CSR Marriott Representative and Ms. Kanokwan Homchaaim (Nok) took a visit to Nai Nang Village, Krabi province.

Nai Nang villager happily surrounded by bees
Producing honey could prove a long-term, supplementary livelihood for the Nai Nang Village Apiculture Cooperative. In addition to this, honeybees help to pollinate local plant species and will benefit the mangrove forest near by. The bees pollinate flowering plants through the collection of nectar. The nectar is taken back to the hive and is converted to honey through a process of evaporation. The now viscous honey is contained in honeycombs to feed the busy hive. The bees benefit from the mangroves because they produce flowers throughout the whole year.

The honey is organic, unpasteurized and delicious! Honey varies in taste and aroma depending on the type of flower the bees is visiting. Nai Nang Honey has floral notes with hints of sea salt credited to the mangrove flowers. Honey is well known for its antibacterial, healing properties. MAP hopes this new marketing partner will provide opportunities for the local community members to share the benefits of honey through supplementary livelihoods with 10% of income going directly to conservation activities.

Sean was enthusiastic about featuring the Nai Nang Honey on the hotel's breakfast buffet. He plans to showcase the bottles with background information about the village. This is an exciting new marketing opportunity and could mean long-term support for the locals at Nai Nang Village.

Nai Nang soap and honey
Fresh Honeycomb
Mangrove Apiculture information is available here:

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