Saturday, August 6, 2016

MAP-Asia News: Mangrove Action Day well spent

By Maria Savage, MAP Volunteer Intern

Two students with a different perspective 
July 26th was the “International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem”. Mangrove Action Project in Thailand spent this special day with children of  Tha Sanook Village School, Phang Nga. MAP and the elementary students were joined by Mr. Donnapat Tamornsuwan of the Raks Thai (CARE) Foundation who is experienced in environmental education and Mr. Rungruang Sunahu of the Mangrove Development Unit of the Dept. of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) who is great with the children. Together, we hosted a mangrove and climate change based session. After the lesson we took a visit to the Ta Sanook Mangrove Nature Trail.

The morning was spent learning about the effects of climate change on the earth’s ecosystems.  The activities carried out focused on the earth's systems and how climate change impacts every aspect of our planet.  Donnapat and Rungruang showed videos and engaged in interactive learning with the students. Lots of smiles, laughs and input indicated a successful learning experience! 

Mr. Donnapat Tamornsuwan explaining the earth's atmosphere 
The visit to Mangrove Nature Trail helped the students experience first-hand the lessons learned. Just this year, an interpretive, elevated mangrove trail was built with funding from the Daimler AG CSR department. The trail is continuing to under go improvements.  It has been selected by the community to further improve the access path to the trail though government funding which the community requested.  The local interest in this Mangrove Nature Trail proves itself strong, and the children seemed to agree. Some students sketched the root structures of Avicennia marina and leaves from the Clerodendrum inerme.

After the children finished their activities, the Nai Nang Apiculture group awaited us at the trail entrance with snacks and refreshments. What a perfect end to an exciting day!
Group photo at the trail head

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