Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seeking and exploring Mangrove Forests for breeding and hatching-Migrating birds from abroad.

Some of the particular different kinds of birds named, like Water Crow, Stork, Egret, Green Heron , Black Pelican from India and abroad began to migrate and to dwell for breeding or hatching in and around the coastal areas of Mangrove Forests wherever, the plants grow easily, or normally at Pitchavaram, Thiyagavalli, PortoNova, Nanamedu villages and its besides.   The Aalamaram (NGO), of  Thiyagavalli village took various steps to protect the forest of mangrove plantations and to ban those birds are being hunted regularly. And when, the hunters destroy their nests of the birds for hatching and for breeding its young ones. At the time of North –West monsoon . As spread the back water river in hence with whole area of Mangrove Forests.  The different   kinds of birds migrate here usually, and breed and hatch its young ones.

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