Thursday, April 30, 2015


"Many small people, in small places,
doing small things,
You can change the world. "
Eduardo Galeano.
Unstoppable Destruction

In the present context there is little to celebrate, the rate of destruction of our natural systems accelerated from just over 50 years, as in any other period of humanity. Although more and more information about current and future effects of climate change worldwide have not taken steps to stop burning fossil fuels measures, the main source of CO2 production.

Less green forests and deserts

Nor has managed to effectively reduce deforestation and loss of forests and woodlands. The loss of forests continues at an alarming rate, even organizations like FAO, indicate that the "reduction of forest land use caused by deforestation over a period of 20 years, is offset by the increase in forest area." What does not say is that often is considered within this increase in forest area, large monoculture tree plantations or oil palm, responsible for deforestation in many countries, loss of biodiversity and indigenous territories.

Without political will and corrupt politicians

In many of our countries, corrupt politicians supporting the private interests of large companies and corporations and industries, leaving aside the common good. These politicians are largely responsible for the current situation of environmental and ecological destruction and degradation, whether backing and supporting high-impact ventures, creating legislation for destruction, or with little or no political will to solve environmental problems.

Greenwash of destruction

The environmental issue has been co-opted by corporate interests and big business, green painting pollution and destruction of nature; have created false solutions to climate change. Now promote green oil, sustainable mining, forest plantations as carbon sinks, the Clean Development Mechanism. Many industries, such as shrimp seek the support of private institutions, governments and international institutions, certifications to "clean" their image and win green seals and thus sell their "green" makeup in the northern countries products.

Communities and peoples in the defense line

Communities and native peoples remain the key players in the battle for the defense of Earth.

In many parts of the world are communities and indigenous communities that have organized to assume the defense of their territories. Overcoming major challenges facing large and powerful interests, often backed by government authorities that contrary to support their just demands, criminalize and persecute. The defense of territories has led to many and many of these activists, persecution, and death threats.

Thus a recent report by Global Witness: Latin America is the most dangerous region to defend the environment. These are some of the data: In Colombia (with a population of 48.32 million inhabitants in 2013) 25 murder cases were registered against defenders of nature. At least 111 killed environmentalists between 2002 and 2014. Honduras, the most dangerous country for environmental advocates.

The killings of environmental activists and land that took place in 2014 reached an average of more than two per week, representing an increase of 20% compared to 2013.

Almost three quarters of these murders took place in Central and South America, while Southeast Asia was the second most affected region. Honduras was the most per capita dangerous for environmental activists and earth country. The alarming rate of 40% of these victims were indigenous and major causes of death were the hydropower industry, mining and agribusiness.
But the defense of our nature, our environment, should not rest solely in the hands of communities, peoples or environmentalists, but in every person, in every person that we share this common home, our planet Earth.
"When the last tree is cut, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, only then he will discover that man can not eat money"
Cree Indian Proverb

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