Friday, September 27, 2013

EMACE Volunteer placements Sri Lanka (2013-2015)

EMACE is an active NGO based in Sri Lanka working towards adaptation to climate change, mitigating the adverse impacts on the environment and ecology. EMACE incorporates a variety of disciplines to achieve a healthy, vibrant, progressive, and responsible participatory community sector, which contributes to social cohesion, equality and justice.

E  Environment & Science
M  Manpower & Skills
A  Adult & Parenthood Development Assistance
C  Childcare & Women’s Rights
E  Education & Culture

The sectors we work within to achieve our aims include Biodiversity, Renewable Energy, Adaptation to Climate Change, Community Development, and Green Jobs.

Volunteer Positions

Enthusiastic and productive volunteers are required to assist with article writing and editing, research, report preparation for publication, social media maintenance, and general office administration. Volunteers can expect visits to rural communities and the surrounding countryside, as well as training and work experience within a developing country.

Volunteer Provisions

     Airport pick-up and drop-off

    Accommodation with utilities provided (Volunteer bungalow is fully furnished and equipped for home cooking)

    Food allowance (Around SLR 10,000 ($75) bi-weekly)

     Sundays and religious holidays as free time

Flights and any additional travel expenses to Sri Lanka must be funded by the volunteer themselves.

Volunteers wishing to stay less than 3 months can visit on a tourist visa which they will be issued with upon arrival at the airport. Candidates wishing to volunteer for longer than 3 months will require upfront government approval via a long-term work permit. EMACE require the following information to apply for the work permit;
     A copy of your CV with a cover letter/ personal statement
     A scan of your passport data page
    A scan of a photograph (2"x2")

As part of the work permit conditions, volunteers are not authorized to change employer or re-route to any other organisation, or to participate in any anti-government campaigns. This could lead to deportation by the NGO Secretariat and is beyond the control of EMACE. However, most of our previous volunteers have developed projects and created paid positions within the projects, which is permitted.

N.B. Volunteers are strongly advised to obtain health insurance.
For further information please contact:

Mr. E Abeyrathne
EMACE Sri Lanka
15 Mihiri Place, Asiri Uyana, Katubedda Moratuwa 10400 Sri Lanka
Tel:0094112 612837
Fax 0094112 610080
Mobile: 009411 (0)777 913393
Skype: ekanayake.abeyratn

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  1. I would consider a two week assignment writing up success stories in English for your organization based on USAID's Telling Our Story format which includes a photo of someone or something positively influenced by your efforts with a reader-focused, one-page description. (you can visit Telling Our Story on the United States Agency for International Development's website). I have written dozens of such stories for USAID in Mexico, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and other countries. I would need transportation to sites, housing, food allowance and reimbursement for misc.expenses but could add such a visit on to my trip to Bangladesh in March or April. How you would use these write-ups would be up to your organization.