Thursday, February 14, 2013

MARN and FIAES promote restoration of wetlands in El Salvador

As part of World Wetlands Day, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) outlined actions to conserve and restore seven wetlands surrounding municipalities of El Salvador, two valuable tools for conservation and management of these ecosystems: The "Reviews Priority Areas catalog on Wetlands "and" Environmental Strategy and Operational Plan ".

Lina Pohl, vice minister of environment and FIAES president, noted that MARN has worked with communities to identify problems affecting these ecosystems and establish a strategic plan of action.
In this event, it was announced that The Fund for the Americas Initiative (FIAES) will be supporting the first actions of this plan, by financing environmental projects to be implemented in wetlands that have the status of Ramsar site, which are: the Jocotal Laguna, lagoon Olomega Jaltepeque Complex, Complex Guija, Jiquilisco bay Complex and Cerron Grande reservoir.

Jorge Oviedo, FIAES general manager, said that with these projects seeks to promote a vision of landscape, which not only focuses on the body of water, but also takes into account the surrounding territories.
"We introduce a territorial vision, thus decreasing the rate of loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by wetlands," he added.

Community projects include partnerships with various local actors in order to have a greater impact.

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