Saturday, July 21, 2012


Increasingly, organizations, companies and governments are promoting the discourse of so-called green economy,  creating a vision for several years and have taken more strength in recent summits and conferences on the environment such as happened at Rio +20. The Green Economies are included within the green capitalism. 

The proponents seek to incorporate nature in economic systems, putting a price in order to negotiate pollution and ecological destruction. As Peoples, communities, organizations, and individuals, we are calling on you this July 26 to join our voices, from America, Asia, Africa, Europe and all over the planet, against the false statements that promote the commodification of nature, mangrove wetlands and other ecosystems and seek to bring them to a market scheme. Carbon markets, clean development mechanism (CDM), sustainable certifications, and other perverse incentives, seek whitewash operating activities and high social and environmental impact as the shrimp farms, salt mines, plantations, mining, oil, dams, industries and hotel ventures among many other threats. 

We reaffirm our position that mangroves should NOT enter into the logic of commodification of nature. 

  • NO to the economy and green business. 
  • NO to the certification of shrimp farming industry.
  • NO REDD initiatives. 
  • NO to so-called Clean Development Mechanism (MDLS). 

These proposals are part of the false solutions to complex problems like climate crisis, neither the states and governments want to address in depth. 

Affirm: the people own their land and are entitled to live in a healthy environment. The mangrove has a value that has no price. It is essential to implement development models that are based on respect for society and nature, with an intergenerational vision, comprehensive and long term. 

We add our voices, our hearts we add this on July 26.

Redmanglar Internacional

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