Thursday, April 15, 2010

Urgent Appeal For Halt to Mangrove Destruction at Bimini!

The following is a copy of my letter to Dr. Earl Deveaux, Minister of Environment, The Bahamas
This is a follow up letter to one i sent earlier urging him to take a stand to protect Bimini's shores.

Dear Dr. Deveaux,

It seems that in the last month of waiting for your action in regards to the illicit clearing of mangrove wetlands at Bimini Island, there has been no meaningful action taken to halt the destruction there. Also, I have received word that you have taken no action in defining the boundaries of the promised Marine Protected Area. So, in essence, nothing has changed except the further despoilment of Bimini progresses without interruption. Is this then your intended "action" in this regards? Are you then complicit with the loss of the island's mangroves and all the life that this ecosystem supports?

We at MAP are disappointed in this lack of interest on your part to take any corrective action in regards to the ongoing loss of Bimini's invaluable mangrove wetlands and consequent deterioration of the marine habitat there. What kind of MPA is your government planning to finally protect there, when you are allowing through your very inaction the loss of the most valuable attributes that make that MPA designation meaningful? Is it right in your mind to make a sham of your own Prime Minister's stated intent to create that MPA? Does Mr. Ingraham not himself feel some disappointment in this lack of authority, lack of respect for his word that this whole situation entails?

It was reported last month that you blamed your underlings for the problems of badly managing the development issues there at Bimini, but this time you were duly alerted in February, and still you could not act effectively or in a timely manner. I would say the buck must stop at your door this time, Mr. Deveaux! Will you please act now to manage the intended MPA at Bimini and save what is left before future generation in your country are robbed of any meaningful semblance of what Bimini was and is meant to be?

Toward a Future for Bimini,

Alfredo Quarto,
Executive Director
Mangrove Action Project

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