Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ring the Alarm Bells at Taco Bell!

The news of a new Shrimp Taco appears to laud the new menu item at the huge chain store fast food restaurant, Taco Bell, which will soon be serving shrimp tacos to the masses at their typical low prices. But again, what is the true cost of that shrimp taco. Surely, the diner is not paying what the true cost should be. We at MAP view this as a disturbing development because when such fast food giants as Taco Bell ring in the shrimp on their menu it is the alarm bell that rings loudest- alarm warning of further, rapid expansion of the industry into more coastal wetland areas, more mangroves lost, more wild fisheries declines, more displaced coastal communities and more overall ecological destruction.
Please help by posting a comment on Taco Bell's corporate site expressing the danger of this offering.
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